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Last updated on 5/20/20

Be confident and stay curious

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Throughout this course (and the entire UX Designer path), we've explored a multitude of possibilities for sharing your work and growing as a designer. There are only so many hours in a day, so don't attempt to do it all when starting out.  As a designer, it's easy to strive for perfection, but in the real world, there's not always time to implement every idea you have. What’s most important is that you stay curious and keep learning. Keep working towards your goals.

Applying for a job or finding freelance work can be more creative than it has been in the past, from how you connect with people, to how you share your work. Do what works for you, but also think about how you can keep growing and evolving as a designer.

Final advice

True, there are a lot of designers out in the world, but you're the only YOU out there. You bring a unique perspective, and your own experience coming into the field. Here are some final words of wisdom as you continue on your journey.

  • Have confidence in what you share and how you talk about your work. Be humble. Confidence does not mean being cocky. Be open to other opinions and feedback along the way. Remember, failure is not something to be embarrassed by. What’s important is to take the time to reflect and learn from each experience. This will help you grow as a designer. Confidence also means applying for that job that says you must have a minimum of 5 years experience. You know you have what it takes. Here's your chance to show off what you know!

  • Be yourself and remember the value of collaboration in all the work you do. Even if you work alone, consider how you can find other ways to work with, or get feedback, from others.  Share your personality, experience, and work ethic to showcase what you'll bring to a job. 

  • Prioritization is key. It's easy to get lost or distracted. Focus on the most important work rather than trying to do it all. If you have time, you can keep building it out. If you need help with time management, ask your network for recommendations of articles, podcasts, or books which may benefit you. Never be afraid to ask for help or feedback. It will help you grow.

  • Don't be afraid to state the obvious. What is obvious to you isn't always obvious to others. Make sure to connect the dots, and tell a story as you do. Not everyone is a designer so you may have to help others see what you see. Sharing not only your work but also your process can help you achieve this. Be proud of what you put out there. Let it foster conversation and guide your next steps.

Keep learning! The best in the field are life long learners and constantly asking more questions. To get to the next level, let curiosity be your guide. Don’t underestimate your natural curiosity and willingness to learn as something you can bring to a client or workplace.

Keep working hard, but also don't forget to build in breaks and let your brain rest. We all need to hit recharge sometimes in order to do our best work. It's easy to get caught up in the rush of things to do, but don't forget about self-care. We're looking to achieve long-term, sustainable goals, and not just quick fixes.

Best of luck and I hope you get to work on the projects of your dreams!

Let's recap!

  • You're awesome! Keep learning, and keep up the amazing work.  💪

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