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Last updated on 5/20/20

Get some practice creating a template for your portfolio

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It's your turn!

A successful UX portfolio shows more than the finished product. It gives insight into the process. This is true whether you're applying to a designer, or researcher role. A successful UI portfolio shows a series of screens throughout a user flow, and often a style guide.

While you likely will want to create your own website and online presence, for this exercise you need to create the start of a PDF portfolio that could be sent to potential employers. You create a template that you can use for your portfolio with case studies. You want to create a document that reflects your work and expertise. Your goal is to create a clear, clean, simple, appealing layout template that you'll be able to use and adapt in the future.

You will be creating a 3-page mini case study as part of a larger portfolio for this exercise. You'll need to pick one project you want to feature to showcase your process.

You will want to consider which images you will use, as well as how you will use typography to create hierarchy. Consider how you may use headlines or titles that are bigger or bold to differentiate them. Think about how you title each page as well. Use real text that YOU have written rather than Lorem Ipsum placeholder text. Make sure you have a clear problem statement for the project you feature in your case study.

You will also need to include 1 page about you. You will write the the text for the about page. This should be 1-2 paragraphs. (Remember, keep it succinct and make it something the audience will want to read!).

For the visuals in your portfolio, please use your own images from documenting your work rather than stock images. Any images that are not your own must be clearly credited. Make sure there a caption for each image you've included to inform the viewer what they're looking at. Remember, you are familiar with the content you are sharing, but the audience won't be familiar with it.

For the sake of this assignment please stick to Letter or A4 size, that is oriented horizontally (landscape view). As you develop your own portfolio, you can make adjustments, but this is a good place to start. 

You'll also want to think about include font choice, emphasis (bold, italic, size, etc.), alignment of text and images, inclusion of a header of footer, use (or lack) of color. Use the guidelines below to complete this exercise.

Check your work!

Check that your portfolio:

  • Follows directions provided in guidelines

  • Design is clean and appealing for the viewer 

  • Includes engaging about page

  • Case study successfully frames context and showcases process 

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement