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Last updated on 3/10/23

Why Learn How to Learn?

Imagine you’ve just rubbed a magic lamp, and a genie appears promising to teach you just one single thing at an incredibly high level.

What would you choose to learn?

Some would choose to learn data analysis or finance. Others would choose drama, singing or football, while some would prefer entrepreneurship, biology or perhaps engineering.

If I were you, I would answer: “I want to learn how to learn!”

This answer would be like telling the genie “I wish for more wishes!” 😏

More seriously, learning how to learn will open doors for you to all types of fields for the rest of your life: for your hobbies, your studies and your career plans.

“Learning how to learn is life's most important skill.” - Tony Buzan

In Practice

Before proceeding to the next stage, take five minutes to note down your personal reasons for taking this course.

It's up to you to decide the level of detail to go into at this point. A list of bullet points is sufficient. That said, if you wish to write a tweet, a blog entry or even create a video, feel free! Once more, it’s up to you to adapt your practice according to your level of commitment.

If you prefer to keep your reasons to yourself, that’s fine too. All the same, I recommend that you write them down somewhere, whether in a notebook or on your Notes app!

It's not that I'm not motivated, but I really don't know how to approach the exercise. What can I do?

For a start, read or listen to what other excited learners are talking about. Perhaps you will find inspiration there.

If you're really not comfortable with this sort of informal exercise, the next chapter should make you feel more confident.

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