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Last updated on 10/27/22

"GIT" the most out of this course

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To summarize, the best way to get the most of this course is to:

  • Watch each video to understand why the concepts covered in each chapter matter.

  • Read the text below the video to learn how you can implement those concepts.

  • Practice along by following the step by step screencasts.

  • Test your understanding of key concepts through the end of part quizzes. 

  • Get hands-on practice creating your own project through the peer to peer activity!

Meet your teacher

Mila Paul 

Mila Paul: cyber operations and cyber security expert

Mila Paul has been in the field of computer science for about 18 years and spent 12 of those years in network, systems, and enterprise architecture for the US government. She teaches online courses with OpenClassrooms and loves to speak at geek conferences. She is currently adjunct faculty at Dakota State University for online computer science and cyber students. She is pursuing a PhD in Cyber Operations and has an interest in how she can hone her skills in the blockchain industry.

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement