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Last updated on 4/11/24

Extract Data From the Web Using Python Libraries

Evaluated skills

  • Extract data from the web using Python libraries
  • Question 1

    What is the correct syntax to install the  requests  package using pip?

    • install requests
    • pip install package requests
    • pip install requests
    • pip import requests
    • import requests
  • Question 2

    Which of the following best describes web scraping?

    • Collecting data from different databases and saving it to a .csv or .txt file.

    • Extracting data from many different sources, transforming the data, and then loading it into a database.

    • An automated process for retrieving data from the web.

    • A process enabling individuals to not have to manually copy and paste data from a website.

    • An automated process for collecting data from multiple computers and saving it. 

  • Question 3

    Questions 3-6 rely on the following HTML code snippet.

    <head> <title> Fast & Healthy Meal Prep </title> </head>
    <p class = “introduction”><i>These recipes are perfect when you are on the go and need to eat healthy. </i></p>
    <p class= “methods”> When you are on the go and still want to have a healthy, hearty, and quick meal follow these recipes:
    <a href="http://example.com/breakfast" class="recipe" id="link1">Breakfast Recipes</a>,
    <a href="http://example.com/lunch" class="recipe” id="link2">Lunch Recipes</a> and
    <a href="http://example.com/dinner" class="recipe" id="link3">Dinner Recipes</a>;

    Load this HTML into your Python code using Beautiful Soup, with the variable named  soup .

    What is the output of the following code?

    • Fast & Healthy Meal Prep

    • <title>Fast & Healthy Meal Prep</title>

    • Syntax error

    • Fast

    • “Fast”

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