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Last updated on 5/12/22

Course Summary

Congratulations, you’ve completed this course!

For the future, my advice would be the same as it has been throughout this course: prepare your future interactions as much as possible!

Observe the attitudes of your business contacts and be mindful of the stances you take. Don’t hesitate to ask people for regular feedback, too.

You can refer back to this course or your workbook at any time if you need help in preparing for future interactions.

Here’s a quick summary of what you have learned during this course:

  • Being service-minded is all about your stances and behaviors, which are normally guided by your perceptions - the way you look at the world. You can influence your views by preparing for your important workplace interactions.

  • Regularly focusing on communication basics  - active listening and asking good questions - will improve quality quickly.

  • Analyzing your relationships and environment by focusing on the criteria of the level of intimacy, behavior, and motivations of your contacts will help you better understand your business relationships and adapt your stance.

  • Managing conflicts and difficult situations represents an opportunity to build on your relationships by dealing with objections constructively, by giving and receiving high-quality feedback, and by being capable of (re)establishing a framework for the working relationship if necessary.

This course can be used as a springboard for a more wide-ranging effort to develop your soft skills. If you want to focus on certain skills, check out our catalog of soft skills courses. 

Good luck!

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