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Last updated on 5/12/22

Improve Professional Relationships

Evaluated skills

  • Improve professional relationships
  • Question 1

    Read the following conversation:

    • "When is the deadline for the project?"
    • "Monday afternoon."
    • "Great! Can we stay in touch after Monday in case there are any issues?"
    • "Beatrice will be your contact after Monday, but don’t worry, she’s great!"


    In your opinion, what is the level of intimacy of this conversation?

    • Level 1: Non-existent relationship.

    • Level 3: Client-supplier relationship.

    • Level 4: A partnership-type relationship.

  • Question 2

     If you want to build on this relationship and move on to the next level, what would be the right thing to say next?

    • “Thanks again for your work! What about this type of project motivates you?”

    • “OK, good luck for the future then!”

  • Question 3

    You’re meeting a person for the first time. You decide to show an interest in them by asking the question, “What attracted you to your current job?” You notice that she shuts off and doesn’t really answer the question. What does this tell you?

    • She’s a bit uptight! Why does she work in a job that’s all about people skills if she’s like that?

    • Maybe you asked a personal question too early in the relationship.

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