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Last updated on 5/12/22

Overcome Communication Challenges

Evaluated skills

  • Overcome communication challenges
  • Question 1

    You’re in charge of the IT department of your company. One of your internal clients, Mary, sends you a request for IT support and writes the following message: 


    Which answer would you send?

    • “When you send messages like that, don’t expect to get a calm response. You’re being completely disrespectful. Bye.”

    • “I’m so sorry. I thought I fixed this issue last time. It won’t happen again. I’m really sorry.”

    • “Mary, I understand that this recurring issue is bothering you. When can you drop by the IT department so we can sort it out?”

  • Question 2

    The next morning Mary shows up at the IT department desk and says, “These IT issues are unacceptable! I need this sorting ASAP!” You feel frustrated at seeing her talk to you in this tone and using these words.

    How can you confirm you have understood her while bringing the tone down to a “normal” level of conversation?

    •  I understand that you’ve had an issue, but I have to say that the way you’re speaking to me is making me frustrated.

    • Yes, of course. What do you want?

    • What’s wrong with it? Is it the server again? Or maybe the battery is playing tricks on us again? We’ve had terrible luck with these computers; they’re ALWAYS breaking down!

  • Question 3

    What should you do after confirming that you’ve understood (and that you feel frustrated)?

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • Tell her to leave. You’re not in the mood for this right now.

    • Ask her a question about the issue with her computer.

    • Ask her if everything is OK at the moment and if she needs to sit down for a few minutes.

    • Take the computer off her without saying a word, place it down on your desk in silence while gesturing to her that she should come back later.

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