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Last updated on 2/10/23

Think like a content strategist

Evaluated skills

  • Describe an OpenClassrooms student (Care)
  • Describe your teammates role (Care)
  • Solve students questions like a student success specialist (Care)
  • Use the HEART framework in order to distill the metrics relevant to your product
  • Question 1

    What does it mean to take a content-first approach?

    • Wait until all the design is done to start working on content so you can give it your full attention.

    • Separating the design and copy teams so they can focus on what they do best.

    • Considering content early on, and refining it throughout the design process.

    • All of the above.

  • Question 2

    When would you want to pull an SME into a project?

    • To revise text.

    • To implement text.

    • To go in depth on a particular subject.

    • To regularly maintain content.

    • All of the above.

  • Question 3

    What is the benefit of creating an editorial calendar?

    • You know what content needs to be prioritized and who is assigned to write it.

    • It's a way to look ahead and help consider content on a macro and micro level.

    • It can help you stay on schedule.

    • All of the above.

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