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Last updated on 1/27/23

Plan a Project

Evaluated skills

  • Plan a Project
  • Question 1

    You have been asked to deconstruct a requirement into tasks. What activities do you think this could involve?

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • Splitting the requirement into multiple tasks that you could assign to task owners or resources that complete the tasks.


    • Categorizing the tasks into high, medium, and low complexity.

    • Allocating and validating costs associated with each task.

    • Adding up all the tasks to identify the critical path.

    • Allocating time and effort associated with each task.

  • Question 2

    You have listed the tasks for your digital learning project and you are now estimating the total time and duration of each. 

    The kick-off meeting task is structured as follow:



    TIME (in hours)

    Finalize the invite list

    Project Manager


    Schedule a time for the meeting

    Project Manager


    Create a meeting agenda

    Project Manager 

    Product Manager



    Project Manager

    Product Manager

    Learning Designer

    Graphic Designer

    Subject Matter Expert


    What is the duration and effort for the kick-off meeting task?

    • Duration: 1:50; Effort: 6:20

    • Duration: 1:50; Effort: 1:50

    • Duration: 6:10; Effort: 1:50

  • Question 3

    Which of the following best explains the difference between a task and a requirement?

    • A requirement is what a user wants, and a task is what a user gets.  


    • A requirement is a user-facing benefit, and a task is a piece of work a team member does. 

    • A requirement is the features you must build, and a task is when you actually build them.

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