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Last updated on 7/30/18

Optimise your online reputation

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Do you want a job or career? Interacting with people off and online creates and builds an image of you. If the company with whom you have applied for a position does an online search of your name, what will they find? How will you be perceived in their eyes? Is your reputation impacted by misuse of social media accounts or regrettable photographs, blogs, comments or other information?

Check your online reputation

Be aware of the traces you leave behind in the virtual world, related to both your personal and professional lives.

Ways you may be unintentionally present online:
  • Participation in a seminar or conference (list of participants’ names online)

  • Reports for a sporting or social club or other organisation you are associated with 

  • Online local newspaper

  • Publications or photographs of you posted by others

Ways you may be present intentionally:
  • Your profile(s) on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

  • Any blogs you've written

  • Any comments you've shared on a forum, etc.

In these situations, you’ve contributed to creating your own online reputation (unless you have remained anonymous with a pseudonym profile).

Your digital identity is the reflection of the information you have chosen to share. Have you carefully managed and monitored your privacy settings; otherwise, your personal information becomes public!

Clean up your information and photographs. Check results on Google images and videos. Check your privacy settings on social networks. You don’t want any traces left that could embarrass you or might beg explaining.

 In the next chapter, we'll talk about taking optimising your intentional presence online.

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement