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Last updated on 11/15/23

Organize Your Job Search

Looking for a new job can be confusing, overwhelming and a lot of work.

But you’re prepared! You’ve developed your contacts via social networks, met professional colleagues and uploaded your résumé to job boards and companies you’re interested in working with.

You will soon realize how important it is to focus, dedicate and organize your time spent searching for that next job.

Take steps to keep your job search organized
Take steps to keep your job search organized.

Tips for Organizing Your Job Search

  • Create an Excel spreadsheet to track your job search, contact list and career goals. Key columns to include:

    • Company name

    • Company contact – the person you will be in touch with during your specific job search

    • Email address of the point of contact

    • Date you applied for the position

    • Summary of the position for which you applied – Did you submit a resume, portfolio, additional material?

    • Status of your application – applied, interested, in review, rejected, followed up, interview scheduled, etc.

Example of how to use a spreadsheet to organize your job search
Example of how to use a spreadsheet to organize your job search

Example of how to use a spreadsheet to organize your job search.

  • Use Google calendar to enter appointments, networking events, seminars, interviews and so on. Create alerts!

  • Stay on top of the jobs you have applied for. If a recruiter calls, you should have relevant information on hand about the job description, your résumé and your shining smile!

  • Use a job search dashboard like Job Hero to:

    • Track your job search anywhere

    • Log activity – Interested, applied, followed up, etc.

    • Get referrals

The Job Hero dashboard
The Job Hero dashboard

Stay Positive

Be flexible! If one area of your career plan doesn't work out, don’t be hard on yourself. There are and will be many more opportunities in the job market for you.

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