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Last updated on 11/15/23

Searching for jobs on the internet

I love this part! After working in HR for two years and looking for my next job opportunity, I started to get creative with job boards, posting my résumé on agency and employment websites. I ended up working as a contractor for Hays Recruiting Experts for four years. I still receive emails from their consultants asking if I’m available to take on another HR contract!

Job boards are helpful if you’re just starting your job search. You will find a variety of industry sectors, network connections and more.

Post Your Résumé on Job Boards

Companies and recruiters have access to job board websites, which provide a good starting point for your next job hunt and career. They cultivate their image and provide candidates direct access to open positions, many on an international level.

There are several methods for making the most of job boards.

  • Create an account, browse jobs, shortlist your saved jobs and apply for them later.

  • Upload your résumé to the online portals below.

  • Use your email address to sign up to receive job recommendations via email.

  • Choose advanced search when looking for open positions.

  • Apply directly to organizations that are of interest to you.

  • Subscribe to industry newsletters for updates related to your career and education.

Here are the three major job board websites worldwide. Why not give them a try with your new résumé?

Glassdoor – Job search site that provides company reviews, salary information and career advice.

Indeed – Job listings including job boards, company career sites and other online sources. Upload your résumé and research specific regions, salaries and job trends. Sign up to receive email alerts. Applying with Indeed doesn’t take you to a third-party website to complete an application form.

LinkedIn – Connects professionals globally. The most widely-used professional social network. Search for jobs, endorse contacts and identify recruiters working to fill openings.

By now, your résumé is ready to test the market. Go out and network, showcasing your abilities and talents!

Having trouble finding your next professional opportunity online? Don't worry—in the next chapter, we'll create opportunities!

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