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Last updated on 2/17/23

Prepare for a Successful Job Interview

Evaluated skills

  • Succeed at recruitment interviews
  • Question 1

    What are the first steps in being well-prepared for a job interview?

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • Thinking about how you’re going to present your career to date to the recruiter.

    • Deciding what to wear the day of, as the most important thing is the first impression the recruiter will have of you!

    • Increasing your knowledge of the job and the company to help you prepare your pitch.

  • Question 2

    Your pitch is an opportunity for you to:

    • Detail your whole résumé so the recruiter will see your real worth compared to other applicants.

    • Share with the recruiter what is not in your résumé so they know more about you, including your leisure activities, your involvement in clubs and associations, your travels, etc.

    • Show the recruiter you are the applicant who matches the profile they are looking for, selecting from your skills and experience the ones that are most relevant.

  • Question 3

    What do you think of the outfits below for a job interview in a communications agency?

    Dress for an interview
    • Not formal enough 

    • Too formal

    • Appropriate

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