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Last updated on 2/18/22

Integrate Basic Security Into Your Java Web Apps

Evaluated skills

  • Integrate basic security into your Java web apps
  • Question 1

    Spring Security is a framework that adds out-of-the-box security functionality to your Spring Boot application.  What three layers of protection does it add to your application? 

    • Norton Antivirus, Spring Boot Firewall, and Spring Security.

    • DelegatingFilterProxy, Security Filter Chain, and OAuth Filter Chain.

    • An HTTP firewall, DelegatingFilterProxy, and Security filter chain.

    • HTTP firewall, Spring Security, OAuth 2.0 Security.

  • Question 2

    Which of the following is true about this Spring Security filter chain? 

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • The HTTP requests are sent to  authorizeRequests()  to restrict access based on the roles and then  antmatchers()  matches the request to a specific pattern which is either admin or user. 

    • The  formLogin()  method builds a login page with Spring Security.

    • anyRequest().authenticated()  ensures that all requests that are not authenticated get a 401 Error.

    • The    formLogin()  method creates an OAuth 2.0 login that connects to Google.

    • The  anyRequest().authenticated()  method means that it will authenticate any anonymous user.

  • Question 3

    Which dependencies are required to configure a Spring Boot web application with Spring Security and OAuth 2.0? (There is more than one answer)

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • spring-boot-web, spring-security, spring-security-oauth2

    • spring-boot-web,spring-boot-web-test spring-security, spring-security-test, spring-security-oauth2

    • spring-framework-boot, spring-security, spring-security-test

    • spring-boot-web, spring-thymeleaf, spring-oauth2-jose-mvc

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