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Last updated on 9/27/23

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Welcome to this course about presentations!

Get Familiar With the Course Content

Part One: Creating Your Slide Deck

The course is made up of two parts, and each is split into multiple chapters. The first part will focus on the design and format of a slide deck using visual aids.

We'll focus on the tools you'll need to create slides. Everything you learn will apply to PowerPoint, Keynote on Mac, or free tools such as Google Slides or LibreOffice Impress.

Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides, Office Impress logos.
Choose whichever tool you have available: this course is compatible with all four!

I’ll use the expression slide deck in this course, which is an alternative way of saying a collection of slides, commonly referred to as a PowerPoint presentation. I'll avoid PowerPoints, however, because they are not the only tool out there 😊!

Part Two: Delivering Your Presentation

The second part will focus on what methods to use when creating the speech to go with your presentation and advice on the actual delivery. We'll go over storytelling and tips for getting over nerves. 

Get Familiar With the Course Resources

Each chapter of this course contains:

  • Video: The videos are short, but cover the key concepts.

  • Text: The text recaps what is said in the video, but goes into further detail. You will also find links to resources as well as a few extra videos in these parts. 

In terms of assessments, there are two quizzes in this course; one per part.

Meet Your Teachers

My name is Stephane, and I’ve been working in business English training, media training and public speaking for a number of years and have trained hundreds of people on how to deliver a great presentation. Although I’m always the trainer, I love learning from my students and use my classes to see how different people react when discovering new information. I have a background in acting and film studies as well as foreign languages.

I created this course with Laurène Castor who is a designer by trade and has created a lot of courses on OpenClassrooms around graphic design. She created the course first in French, and many of the chapters in this English version are based on her content, but I've added several pieces of personal advice along the way!

So if you're ready, let's get started and head on to the first chapter! >_<

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