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Last updated on 12/21/23

Change Your Approach to Innovation to Ensure Long-Term Success

Evaluated skills

  • Change your approach to innovation to ensure the long term success of your project


In the final part of this course, we focused on the longer-term impacts - creating a culture of continuous innovation, separating vendor hype from reality, and protecting your organization against future disruption.  

  • Question 1

    How should an organization address any skills gaps thrown up by a digital transformation project?

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • Replace the existing staff with people with the right skill sets.

    • Offer training to new and existing staff to introduce the new skills into the organization.

    • In future hiring, seek to add the new skills required by the organization through new recruits.

  • Question 2

    Which of these best describes the mindset you need to cultivate in your organization to instill an innovation-friendly environment?

    • The status quo has served us well - let's stick with it.

    • If we were to start from fresh today, how would we solve this problem?

    • How can we solve the problem using the technology we already have?

    • We do it this way because it's proven successful in the past.

  • Question 3

    Keep It Real, a company that organizes team building events involving a combination of mental and physical challenges for their clients is considering giving biometric tracking devices to employees, to measure stress levels and general health. Should they proceed or dismiss the technology as hype?

    • Yes, absolutely - now is the perfect time to invest.

    • No way - better to wait until the technology has been thoroughly tested and proven effective for other organizations.

    • It depends on the perceived risk, attitude, and likely benefits.

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