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Build your content machine

Why create a space just for your content?

You will inevitably need to add content to your website, either because you need to create content pages with similar keywords, or because some pages are not consistent with the rest of your site structure.

For example, where is the most logical place to publish an article on your participation in an upcoming trade show?

Additionally, the more high-quality content you create, the more pages Google will index. This in turn creates more ways for potential visitors to reach your website.

Define your content type

Here are some (of the many) kinds of content you can create:

  • News about your brand. For example, in a section labeled “News.” However, news-based content isn't ideal for SEO, because you ideally want your articles to remain relevant for as long as possible.

  • Articles about your expertise. For example, in a section labeled “Our Services,” which could include a customer service space to answer a visitor's questions and create new content at the same time.

  • Explanations about how your service or solution works. For example, in a section labeled “Documentation” or “Help.”

  • Articles your visitors will find interesting. For example, advice on topics related to your activity, which you can post in a blog. 

  • Job postings. For example, in a section labeled “Career Opportunities” or “Jobs.”

It is better to publish different types of content. Discuss recent innovations in your industry, describe your offers, provide online support, etc. It will all help improve your SEO and contribute to your expertise.

In any case, Google likes websites that are regularly updated. So, it is very important you start thinking about the content you will publish.

Examples of various types of content:

Let’s look once more at The Muse. It has three content machines:

  • Their blog, which consists of articles with advice, projects an expert and trustworthy image that encourages job seekers to visit the rest of the website and register.

  • Their employer listings, which can help attract potential candidates. And, because employers each have their own high-quality page, other companies might decide they want their own too!

  • Their job listings, which are another way of attracting potential candidates.

As you can see, The Muse has implemented a solid strategy for attracting new, qualified traffic with an interest in their services.

Create a logical structure

This part of your website must be quick and easy to reach for your visitors. Same topic articles and/or pages must be linked. For example, general interest articles need to contain links to more specialized ones.

Remember your objectives

Every article, or group of articles, must correspond indirectly or directly to your objectives:

  • These can be pure SEO goals, with lots of content published on a chosen topic, even if the traffic is low quality. This will demonstrate to Google that you are an expert on the subject and will increase the authority of your website. Remember that authority is a very important criteria if you want search engines to rank your website higher in their search results.

  • They can also be part of a marketing strategy to improve band name visibility, broadcast your expertise, acquire new customers, etc.

Example of content and corresponding objectives:

Let's examine 11 Ways to Use Your Body Language to Your Advantage.

  • First off, there are many searches for the topic (keyword) “body language in job interviews.” There is little point in writing content if no one is searching for it. The volume of searches may be low (remember how to look up the volume of searches for a keyword ;) ), but people who search for this keyword will most likely be looking for a job and will, therefore, constitute high-quality traffic. It is a long-tail keyword.

  • Relatively few organic competitors.

  • At the end of the article, readers are encouraged to sign up to receive emails from The Muse and to explore other articles on a similar topic.

This article fulfills several objectives:

  • Acquisition of potential candidates.

  • Growing the brand image by giving candidates helpful tips.


  • You must create a dedicated space so that adding new content is easy, and new pages don’t break the site’s structure.

  • This space will have a name and structure that depends on the type of content you will publish.

  • Keep your primary marketing goals in mind.

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