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Last updated on 4/7/20

Learn About the Elements of Effective Roadmaps

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Evaluated skills

  • Create a roadmap


Learn About the Elements of Effective Roadmaps: Objectives, Product Visions, Themes, Broad Timeframes

  • Question 1

    A roadmap details how a set of assets will be delivered, when they will be delivered, how much the cost of delivery will be, and which people will work on the project. True or False?

    • True

    • False

  • Question 2

    Which of the following are characteristics of an effective company vision statement?

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • Imaginable - people can visualize what the future will look like

    • Desirable - employees find the vision appealing

    • Focused - the vision is clear enough to help guide decision-making

    • Long - the vision must describe in great detail the important aspects of the company’s strategy

    • Communicable - the vision can be easily explained within five minutes

  • Question 3

    Which would best describe the following statement?

    For business e-mail users who want to better manage the increasing number of messages they receive when out of the office, our product BlackBerry is a mobile e-mail solution that provides a real-time link to their desktop e-mail for sending, reading, and responding to important messages. Unlike other mobile e-mail solutions, BlackBerry is wearable, secure, and always connected.

    • Company vision statement

    • Company mission statement 

    • Product vision statement