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Last updated on 11/9/21

Identify Agile Requirements for User Stories and Acceptance Tests

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Evaluated skills

  • Identify Agile Requirements for User Stories and Acceptance Tests
  • Question 1

    Which of the following elements must a user story contain?

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • Who the functionality is being built for

    • What the user wants to be able to do

    • What is required to build the feature 

    • Why the user wants this feature 

    • What the satisfaction rate is for the users of similar products 

  • Question 2

    When might an epic be created and added to the Product Backlog?

    • Towards the end of a project when there is a lot of work remaining and you need to group user stories together.



    • After meeting with an executive to capture very important work in a detailed and accurate way.

    • At the beginning of a project or product when we have a lot of big ideas and a large number of work items.

    • Right after a release to capture a group of bugs or defects and any proposed bug fixes.

  • Question 3

    In the INVEST model of effective user story creation, the V stands for: 

    • Verified

    • Validated

    • Valuable 

    • Vast