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Last updated on 5/19/20

User Stories and Acceptance Tests

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Evaluated skills

  • Write user stories for a major feature
  • Write acceptance tests for a set of user stories


This quiz will determine if you have understood the basics of agile documentation, creating user stories, and acceptance tests!

  • Question 1

    Which of the following elements must a user story contain?

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • The user type the functionality is being built for

    • The goal (what the user wants to be able to do)

    • Why the user wants this (the goal)

    • All the details required to build the feature

  • Question 2

    An epic is:

    • A large user story

    • A user story that we will never build

  • Question 3

    In the INVEST model of effective user story creation, the V stands for 

    • Valuable

    • Validated