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Last updated on 11/9/21

Store User Stories and Acceptance Tests in Agile Documentation Format

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Evaluated skills

  • Store User Stories and Acceptance Tests in Agile Documentation Format
  • Question 1

    A wiki is: 

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • An algorithm linked to the web that automatically updates whenever new information is added to the internet.


    • A website that has special features for collaborative editing by its users.

    • A living document that may hold contributions over time from many different authors or sources.

    • A run book of exactly how to use and interact with a given product or solution.

    • An online record of all of the knowledge articles that a customer might need when they contact the help desk.

  • Question 2

    'Agile Documentation Format' mandates that:

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • Each user story has its own wiki page.

    • The acceptance tests for a given user story appear on wiki page of that user story.

    • Features (which can be thought of as sets of user stories) have their own wiki page with a link to each user story connected to the feature.

    • There can be at most 20 user stories per feature because more than 20 makes it too hard to track them all.

  • Question 3

    When documenting a Feature in a wiki what are some options or criteria  that you should take into account?  (Choose the best answer)

    • Create a page for each user story, as it is the most efficient way to document them.


    • Create a wiki page for each Feature, as features can become complicated and having too many grouped together can be confusing.

    • Clearly documenting what the Feature is intended to provide for the user so that there is no doubt of the desired outcome.

    • Explain any use cases or scenarios that are not covered by the Feature so that there is as much context available as possible.

    • Use any structure that you want for Features and user stories as long as the users of the wiki can understand the documentation and gain the information they need quickly.