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Last updated on 11/9/21

Test and Write Bug Reports

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Evaluated skills

  • Test and Write Bug Reports
  • Question 1

    A user story that is "ready for production” means that:

    • It can be released so that real customers now see this feature in the product.

    • We can start to work on (produce) this user story.

  • Question 2

    In agile development, a definition of done is:

    • A set of standards created for each product meeting to insure that there is a plan for each meeting.

    • A checklist of requirements that must be completed before the product is released to the general public.

    • A set of documents written in the “Given, When, Then” format so that you can compare what has been done to what the expectations were.

    • An artifact that provides the definition of the quality standards that the team applies to their work.

  • Question 3

    The definition of done should be written by:

    • The Product Manager or Product Owner

    • The entire team

    • The Scrum Master or Project Manager

    • The manager of the development team