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Last updated on 1/30/24

Course introduction

What do a biologist, a journalist, and a marketing analyst have in common? They all communicate using graphs, averages, and percentages. In short: they use statistics!

Data is the Gold Rush of our era: every second, vast quantities of it are being analyzed all over the world in many different sectors. Knowing how to extract the most important information from your data is the cornerstone of your future career in data. 

This course will cover the basics of Data Science: how to mine data for its essential information. We will delve deeper into the concepts of averages, variances and histograms and learn how to find relationships in your data.

Above all, we will learn how to cleanse data. That’s right. As you will see, your data will never be usable right from the get go. You will often need a preliminary step, which we call data cleansing.

 Are you looking to take a dive deep into Data Science, or simply curious about this emerging field? Then this foundational course is for you.

Remember, no matter what your data set, it has something to tell you!

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