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Last updated on 4/6/22

Choose a Virtualization Tool Based on Your Needs

Evaluated skills

  • Choose a Virtualization Tool Based on Your Needs
  • Question 1

    What key mechanism is virtualization based on?

    • Sharing physical resources

    • Separating the logical layer from the physical layer

    • High availability

  • Question 2

    What are the benefits of virtualizing infrastructure in a business setting?

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • Saving money on software

    • Saving money on hardware

    • Saving energy

    • Saving space

  • Question 3

    You want to test if an application will run correctly in a specific environment without having to run any virtual machines on dedicated hardware. Which is the most appropriate hypervisor to use?

    • A type 1 hypervisor

    • A type 2 hypervisor

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