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Last updated on 3/30/22

Quiz 2

Evaluated skills

  • Understand the concept of an MVP
  • Understand the basics of prototyping
  • Question 1

    Facebook was not the 1st social network, Friendster and mySpace got some significant traction before. What was the essence of FaceBook win over these earlier entrants?

    • More funding    

    • Timing : people were more inclined to using SN in 2008-2009, than in 2002-2003 when Friendster and Myspace first came    

    • The roadmap of FaceBook, starting from University campuses    

    • The monetization: FaceBook was quicker able to convert users, usage, into an efficient revenue model    

    • Different focus in the social interaction induced by each platform

    • The huge value of the social graph for FaceBook partners    

  • Question 2

    Why do innovations mostly fail? 

    • Customers who don’t buy ?    

    • Competition, later entrant, substitute who beat you up?    

    • Technology that doesn’t match with market requirements?

    • Lack of funding?

    • Legislation?

    • Quality issue?

  • Question 3

    What is the best base for testing your early prototypes?

    • Friends

    • Family    

    • Close network    

    • Reachable but not close network    

    • Total strangers    

    • Yourself and your ventures early team

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