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Last updated on 2/6/20

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Course introduction

Created by Polytechnique School of Engineering - Technology Venture Series
Created by Polytechnique School of Engineering - Technology Venture Series

There you are: you have a venture idea, which seems reasonably good. Or not, and then, you may want to follow my first MOOC, Decode the entrepreneur's DNA, which will help you to find an idea.

Well, if you have this idea, then the next step is to transform that promising opportunity into a real life venture! This is where the real challenge starts for the entrepreneur, and this is where the subtle chemistry of entrepreneurial success mostly lies. 

And the key is to get out of your building ! Go meet your customers, and try to find what they want, what they need and what they would buy. Having good ideas, identifying big problems and shaping them into promising opportunities is important, carrying a vision is good, even crucial... But is not the toughest part of the entrepreneurial journey. You should now bring your idea to life, and I would like to suggest a 4-times path :


  • Define your market? Who will you sell to?

  • Prototype your ideas: it's the only way to see if an idea works.

  • Build your business model thanks to the framework I will give you.

  • Think strategic, think ahead, and identify your potential issues!

There is some work left to do, let's do it together. 





Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement