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Last updated on 8/23/23

Get some practice by optimizing a page of content

It's your turn!

Improve the SEO of a page of content

You have just been hired as a digital consultant for a small company selling a new product, a music box that allows you to fall asleep faster in the evening and sleep better at night. 😴

Your plans to improve your organic referencing are about to take shape! You have all the relevant keywords for your site in a spreadsheet, and you are about to start creating content for the opportunities you uncovered when your colleague George informs you that he has already written the first page to launch the content machine! ✍️

I chose the theme "fall asleep faster!" I'm sure we can be first on this key expression. When I searched for it on Google, I saw that there were hardly any results on the first page with this exact expression in their title. This is a real opportunity!

George sends you the files of the page he created, and you discover that the content is a good start, but there is still some work to finalize it. George wrote the page without considering SEO best practices.

After a quick review of his page, here is what you notice:

  • The page name is not included in the URL.

  • The Google Analytics code has not been added to the page.

  • The title and description are not well written.

  • A good h1 title and three h2 titles still need to be added.

  • There is no internal link to another related page on the site - you should add one to one of the paragraphs.

  • There is no image - you have to add one to make the page look nice.

  • The page contains two basic technical errors (it's up to you to find them 🕵️‍♂️).

Solve all of these problems based on what George sent you.

Check your work!

Are you done? Sure? Check whether your file meets all of the following criteria and take a look at the example below to see how you got on!

  • The page name now appears in the file name (which dictates the page URL).

  • The Google Analytics tracking code has been added to the page in the right place.

  • The title, description, h1 title and three h2 titles have been added and are well written.

  • An image has been added.

  • The keyword is present in the right places on the page (title, description, h1, at least one h2, in the alt tag of the image).

  • A fake internal link has been added to another page of the site related to it.

  • The student has spotted and corrected the two basic technical errors:

    • The excess h1 title has been removed.

    • The NOINDEX robot tag has been fixed.

And here is the correct version 🙂

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