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Last updated on 8/23/23

Describe how Google works and the purpose of SEO

Evaluated skills

  • Incorporate SEO in your organization’s marketing strategy
  • Describe how search engines work


Test your knowledge!

  • Question 1

    Basically, Google is:

    • A robot that travels the web and reads, records, and organizes pages according to their relevance.

    • Hundreds of employees who travel the web to find the best websites.

    • A huge directory containing information submitted by internet users.

  • Question 2

    What is the process Google uses to save the content of a page called?

    • Indexing

    • Scraping

    • Crawling

    • Reading

  • Question 3

    Which of the following is a free search result?

    • 1

    • 2

    • 3

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