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Last updated on 4/29/20

Get some practice by collecting Examples of UX

It's your turn!

We often take for granted experiences which we live every day. I want you to start a "library" of experiences, both good and bad. To start, find three of each. Include a photo, screenshot, or sketch or to demonstrate each kind of experience. Format each one like the examples in the course. Clearly state if it was a good or bad experience, along with 2-3 sentences describing it.  Like in the examples in the course, call out one aspect of the "good" example that made it stand out, and for the "bad" example ask a question at the end (i.e. "Does the remote really need so many buttons?).

If you had great customer service, what made it great? (For an example if you had a great customer service call, you could write down the dialogue and then point out the parts that made it a positive experience.

Start with what you know, but it's totally acceptable to talk to friends or family to start getting ideas. Have actual conversations and discussions. Start thinking critically about what made this experience awesome, or awful. Learn from other people's experiences. Find out their favorite apps, or a recent frustrating experience they had that could have gone smoother.

Put your 3 examples of "good" user experiences and 3 examples of "bad" user experiences in a PDF document. You can put one per page, or put multiple  ones on a page as long as the difference between them is clear to the viewer (the layout is up to you!).

Double-check that you have included the following information :

  • 3 examples of "good" UX

  • 3 examples of "bad" UX

  • short description for each

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