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Last updated on 3/8/23

Use Social Media in Your Marketing Strategy

Evaluated skills

  • Use social media in a marketing strategy
  • Question 1

    Which of these most represent a community?

    • A group of executive employees from various consulting firms.

    • A group of people between 18 and 24 years old.

    • A group of ping-pong fans.

  • Question 2

    Video game enthusiasts are used to meeting at major events in this industry: trade fairs, conferences, competitions, etc. Where would you find them on the web? 

    • On a special industry forum.

    • On popular social networks.

    • On dedicated WhatsApp groups.

    • All of the above.

  • Question 3

    As the communications manager, you report to the general manager, Claire. She wants to establish a presence on social media, stating: "If everyone is on social media, then we should be too, right?" How would you justify social media presence as a strategic move for the company?

    • It can be a method to detect unhappy customers.

    • It can be a method to find new customers.

    • It can be a method to increase brand awareness.

    • All of the above.

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