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Last updated on 3/8/23

Create Content on Social Media

Evaluated skills

  • Create content on social media
  • Question 1

    Which of these statements best characterizes an editorial charter?

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • The editorial charter is a theoretical document that new employees, who have to communicate on behalf of the company, must read and challenge upon arrival.

    • The editorial charter is a document based on practical examples.

    • The editorial charter is a document that doesn't change over time.

  • Question 2

    Who are two people you should collaborate with to define your editorial charter?

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • Data Analyst

    • Copywriter/Editor

    • Artistic Director

    • Sales Rep

  • Question 3

    You organized a Facebook contest, where members of your community had to come up with a slogan for your new product. Your manager asks you to post the 20 best ideas on Facebook. What do you do? 

    • You list the names of the 20 winners in alphabetical order with their slogan ideas.

    • You write a nice catchphrase on your Facebook post and add a link to an article on your blog where all 20 ideas are listed.

    • You publish an image of your product with an in-text link to a Zip document containing all of the files received.

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