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Last updated on 3/8/23

Manage a Publication Schedule Over Time

Evaluated skills

  • Manage a publication schedule over time
  • Question 1

    When would you use a third-party publishing app?

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • To manage multiple brands and multiple markets.

    • To keep up with current affairs.

    • To facilitate your organization in the event of multiple levels of validation.

  • Question 2

    You're conducting an advertising campaign on Facebook to increase sales. Which indicator will best measure how well you have achieved your goal?

    • Sharing Rate.

    • Engagement Rate.

    • Conversion Rate.

  • Question 3

    The restaurant "The Organic Group" has launched an ad campaign on social media to promote its delivery service. As their social media advisor, how often do you recommend that they post on social media?

    • Post when there is something to say relating to the restaurant's mission and values.

    • Post once a day for consistency.

    • Post every hour to increase for maximal exposure.

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