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Last updated on 3/2/22

Course Summary

Congratulations on finishing the course! You’re well on your way to becoming a professional Django developer.

Let's Recap!

Here's a look at what we covered:

  • Built an app to handle authenticating and  storing users in Django.

  • Utilized class-based and generic views as an alternative to function-based views.

  • Used advanced functionalities of forms such as file uploads and handling multiple forms.

  • Created new and overrode existing model methods to follow the fat models - skinny views philosophy.

  • Configured permissions to handle per-user and per-group authorization.

  • Created a paginated social feed using advanced features of the Django ORM to create complex queries.

  • Created reusable template elements with the  {% include %}  keyword. 

You should now have a functioning social web application that allows users to create and share photos and blog posts.

Go Further

You could build on and share this site as part of a professional portfolio when applying for jobs!

What should I look at next? 

The natural next step for a site like this would be to deploy it to a server and make it accessible via the internet. Check out Django’s documentation on deployment to get started.  

Another key skill when building Django applications is database design. We’ve only scratched the surface in this course, so don’t hesitate to dive deeper into Django’s documentation on databases to take your skills further. 

Often in Django, you will find there are multiple ways of achieving the same goal. When looking for some guidance in this respect, the book Two Scoops of Django 3.x is a superb, opinionated resource on what constitutes best practices.

As always, many tutorials are just a quick search away, as well as Q&As on StackOverflow.

Of course, the only way to get better at building Django applications is to build Django applications. Now is a perfect time to build a site of your own. Complete it to a high standard and include it in your professional portfolio!

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