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Last updated on 9/21/20

Employers Team

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The Employers team’s objective is to help our BtoB clients develop their talent at scale via online educational programs. They work with large and small companies to create highly inclusive pools of tech talent, leveraging our revolutionary Apprenticeship model.

This involves:

  • Finding companies who'd like to train their employees in a cost- and time-effective way. They might be interested in upskilling, reskilling, onramp, or education-as-a-benefit programs, leveraging our product offerings.

  • Finding companies who need to hire new employees. They connect them with apprentices who’ll spend part of their time working at the company and part of their time learning as OpenClassrooms students.

The Employers team isn't only about selling: They act as trusted advisors to help corporations tackle their talent development challenges.


Each member of the Employers team works on one of the team's missions:

  • Field Sales: This team sells our products to large companies in France, by meeting customers in the field (hence their name!). It can take a while to close a deal because processes take longer in bigger companies, but once the contract is signed it’s usually a big one. The contract size can go up to several hundred thousand euros, or even above a million euros with our largest customers!

Their role is to approach prospects and existing customers to help improve workforce development strategies affected by job transformation, shortage or obsolescence. Sales include both farmers and hunters and profiles specialized in large accounts (+5000 employees) as well as in mid market accounts (1000 to 5000 employees).

  • Apprenticeships Sales: The Apprenticeship Sales team is in charge of commercializing our apprenticeship offering to corporate customers. There are two types of profiles within the team: Apprenticeship Sales Representatives work closely with our clients to qualify their needs. Then Matchmakers get involved and make sure that all customers (large or small) find their apprentices. Matchmakers are in daily contact with both recruiters (to meet their needs and offer them the best candidates) and candidates (to help them find their ideal employer). As soon as a match is established, the Apprenticeship Sales Representative takes over the process and closes the deal.

  • International Employers: Our International team’s objective is to expand the OpenClassrooms brand and customer base in new markets and territories outside of France. The primary focus right now is on the UK and US where, with the support of an Advisory Board in each country, we’re developing clear and focused go-to-market strategies that help us develop new business and establish the right brand/content partnerships. Early successes include global brands like Facebook, Amazon and Deliveroo who use our online education model to reskill and transition their own employees, freelancers, or wider communities (through scholarships), into high demand jobs of the future.

Who's Leading?

Attila leads the Employers team. Before joining OpenClassrooms, he headed enterprise sales for Europe West at Thomson Reuters where, amongst other responsibilities, he oversaw the introduction to the European market of a joint quantitative analytics offering in partnership with Palantir Finance.

Meetings or Habits

Every Monday, the Employers team has a sales call meeting to talk about:

  • Signed deals: Did we achieve last week’s goals? Which opportunities can we close this week? 🤑

  • Sales activity: How many meetings are scheduled with potential customers? How much do we expect to sell shortly? How confident are we about closing the deals? 

  • Customer objections and current problems: What are customers saying? Does our offer suit them? If not, how can we improve the proposals?

This is the only formal meeting. Of course, this doesn't mean they don't talk to each other the rest of the week!

As the team grows and its missions evolve, this meeting agenda might change. It’s already something the team is considering.

Collaboration With Other Teams

Working with corporate customers is an exciting but challenging mission, as our customers are highly demanding. Making them happy is only possible thanks to a close collaboration with our Employer Success, B2B Marketing, Learning and Product teams, as well as close involvement with the Career Services and Legal teams, among others.

The Employers team also regularly exchanges best practices and cross-sells with the Social Programs team.

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