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Last updated on 3/21/24

Practical OpenClassrooms

Evaluated skills

  • Understand the logistics concerning working at OpenClassrooms
  • Question 1

    What should you do if you want to work remotely?

    • Fill out a form on the desk next to the Legal team.

    • Ask your manager for approval a week before.

    • Tell your manager 2 days in advance.

    • Nothing! PS. Don't forget to book your desk online if ever you decide to come to the office. 

  • Question 2

    When do people need to be in the office?

    • Tuesdays

    • Fridays

    • Sundays

    • Never

  • Question 3

    Who would we prioritize working with?

    • Someone who knows a lot (but who probably won't learn much).

    • Someone who is eager to learn fast (but who probably isn't an expert at first).

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