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Last updated on 3/21/24

Using Your Stock Options

If we have not been obvious by now, we want to emphasize that we really care about creating at OpenClassrooms an environment where everyone feels part of the journey, growing alongside the business.

In order to stay true to our culture, you will be granted stock options or free shares (depending on the region you are based in). 

Why? Because it aligns employees with founders and investors. It’s a way to share both the value and success we create together every day. 

What exactly is a stock option?

A stock option is a right to acquire shares in the company at an agreed price. You do not have to pay anything when your option is granted. You do not actually become a shareholder until you exercise the option and pay the exercise price. Once you have exercised the option, you will become a shareholder and be entitled to the rights of a shareholder.

  • In France, our team members used to benefit from BSPCE (Bon de Souscription de Parts de Créateur d’Entreprise). But as our company has more than 15 years of existence, we are no longer able to use this mechanism for a new grant. Don't worry though! There are other solutions like "Free shares" for companies who can't use BSPCE. We are currently investigating them and will soon update this benefit. Our intent is still to give stock options to all employees – we just need a bit of time to set up the new mechanism.

  • In the US, we grant Incentive Stock Options ("ISOs") that follow the same general rules as in France, except for certain US-specific rules.  

  • In the UK, we use Non-tax advantaged options (“NTAOs”). 

Meet our shareholders

Besides our founders, some members of the Board of Directors and leadership, a company such as OpenClassrooms has several shareholders. Ours are:

  • First and foremost, the two cofounders, Pierre Dubuc and Mathieu Nebra

  • General Atlantic 

  • Lumos Capital

  • Salesforce Ventures 

  • The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative 

  • GSV 

  • Bpifrance, the French public investment bank

  • the two non-executive members of the board, Louise Rogers and Douglas Becker 

  • Alven Capital

  • Citizen Capital 

  • Xavier Niel (NJJ Capital)

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