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Last updated on 8/17/20

OpenClassrooms Events

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At OpenClassrooms, we strive for transparency. We also aim to foster an ambiance that facilitates connections and collaboration between team members companywide.

To achieve these two goals, we organize regular events and meetings as well as employ other... creative strategies. 😏

All Hands Meetings

What? Every week the entire OpenClassrooms team gathers for an update on where we stand with company objectives. We share progress and introduce newcomers, new features, and new training paths. This event is open to external guests such as students and partners. We also invite speakers on relevant topics who bring an enriching and inspiring experience to our team.

Who? The Communications team is in charge of gathering updates and building the all-hands presentation, summarizing progress towards the company objectives with the help of stakeholders. The Communications team is also in charge of finding suitable speakers to present the objectives. The goal is to enable employees to speak and give them a stage to talk about what they do and enhance their public speaking skills. 

When? Every week, at a time suitable for everyone in the company, including people based abroad who can tune in via video conference.


What? Each month the whole team gathers for a detailed update of where OpenClassrooms stands. Monthly progress is shared with everyone, as well as broader company announcements. To provide the team with in-depth information about each objective, checkpoints are articulated around short interviews: for each objective, a stakeholder is interviewed and gives insights about progress or new projects. 

When? Every month, preferably the first Tuesday. The complete schedule of checkpoints for the year is established in advance and shared with the whole team. 

Quarterly Offsites

January Quarterly offsite @ the Moulin Rouge
January quarterly offsite @ the Moulin Rouge

What? Every quarter, the whole team is invited to a one-day gathering outside of the office. The objective of these offsites is to provide the team with a complete overview of where OC stands as a business. Offsites are also an opportunity to step back, connect, and remind everyone of the OpenClassrooms' vision.

Offsites always start with a checkpoint. More importantly, they always end with a party! We're there to have some fun!

Who? Offsites are organized by the Communications team, including logistics. The team also coordinates content with different stakeholders and is responsible for keeping things on time. 

When? Every quarter; offsites are organized in lieu of checkpoints. 

Annual Seminar

What is the annual seminar all about? 

Our number one goal for the annual seminar is to connect as a team. OpenClassrooms employees from all over France and the world gather for four days of presentations and workshops.

Throughout the seminar, we'll also have the opportunity to look at where we stand as a company, review our company objectives, and think about the future of OpenClassrooms.

And last but not least, the seminar is about having fun together. Like... serious fun! In this company, there are two types of people: those who have lived through an OpenClassrooms annual seminar, and those who haven’t yet. 🙃

Biscarrosse, June 2019
Biscarrosse, June 2019 

Team Days

What? Team days are a powerful OpenClassrooms tradition. Our offices are open floor plans across multiple floors. On team days, each employee is randomly assigned a different spot.

This scrambled seating arrangement allows employees who don’t normally interact to sit together and get to know each other while learning about their prospective projects. Team lunch is also part of team days. Employees seated together are encouraged to eat together on these days.

When? Team days occur over a two-day period every two months.

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement