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Last updated on 4/6/22

Test your knowledge of Google Analytics

Evaluated skills

  • Recognize how to use Google Analytics to gain key insights about user behavior


This quiz will determine how efficiently you can use Google Analytics to extract valuable metrics and insights.

  • Question 1

    Which of these is an example of metrics and dimensions?

    • Your website had 5435 visitors last month and 8107 page views.


    • Your website had 5435 visitors last month and made $27,670 in revenue.


    • Your website had 5435 visitors last month. 52% were male and 48% were female.

  • Question 2

    In the ABC model of Google Analytics, the A stands for:

    • Audience


    • Acquisition


    • Attribution

    • Age

  • Question 3

    Which report in GA is ideal for understanding which specific sites are sending traffic to our site?

    • All Traffic report


    • Channels report


    • Referral Traffic report

    • Search Engine Queries report

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