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Select Computer Components for Specific Needs

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  • Select computer components for specific needs


In part 2, we looked at the core components needed to assemble a PC. Part 3 then covered many of the optional or essential add-ons for specific needs. Let’s check out the skills you’ve acquired in part 3 with this quick quiz based on the following scenario:

Having specified the basic parts for a general office computer, you’ve been asked to make sure it’s ready to be used for some multimedia editing work and to deliver training to 4-6 people around the desk. They will also use the computer for online conferencing and checking drafts of camera pictures on SD memory cards. 

You have to work with tight desk space (avoid too many devices and cables), and a conventional keyboard and mouse design will be fine. 

Choose the best answers based on what you learned in part 3 of this course. You’ll need to go online to answer some of the questions.

  • Question 1

    Considering what you know, what type of mouse and keyboard would probably be best? 

    • A heavy-based keyboard to stop it falling off the desk, plus a Penguin mouse.

    • A wireless keyboard and mouse.

    • A keyboard and mouse with very long leads so they can be passed round the training audience.

    • An ergonomic keyboard and trackball.

  • Question 2

    What type of network patch cable is recommended for reliability?

    • A 5m Cat 5e lead.

    • A 5m Cat 6 lead.

    • A snagless cable.

    • A connector lock cable.

  • Question 3

    Your user now wants an A4-size (or thereabouts) digitizing tablet with a pen. Which of the following makes/models would be suitable?

    • Wacom Intuos CTL-4100WLK-N graphics Tablet

    • Wacom PTZ-630 Intuos

    • XP-Pen Innovator Display 16

    • Microsoft Surface GO 2