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Assemble the Components of a Computer

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  • Assemble the components of a computer


In part 4, you went through the PC assembly process, ran a quick functional test, and learned what to do if the system is not working as expected.

For each of the questions below, apply what you've learned to choose the best answer. You can go online for research.

  • Question 1

    Which of the following statements about ESD and electronic components are true? 

    Attention, plusieurs réponses sont possibles.
    • ESD can help with heat transfer and cooling.

    • ESD can reduce the lifespan of electronic components.

    • ESD can damage electronic components immediately.

    • Electronic components will self-heal after experiencing an ESD event.

  • Question 2

    The minimum effort with the minimum tooling that will help mitigate ESD is:

    • Use an electrical cord to connect your arm to an earthed pipe.

    • Work on a synthetic carpet to insulate you from the PC case.

    • Briefly touch an earthed pipe or other such location.

    • Use an earthed screwdriver.

  • Question 3

    Which of the following should you check before fitting your motherboard into the case?

    Attention, plusieurs réponses sont possibles.
    • Whether the CPU cooling system needs a bracket fitted on the bottom of the motherboard.

    • Whether the motherboard case standoffs are in the right places.

    • Whether the motherboard supports both Intel and AMD CPUs.

    • Whether the routing of the case front panel wiring doesn’t leave it trapped behind the motherboard.