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Last updated on 7/3/20

Do you know how to use Spring MVC to create a working web application?

Evaluated skills

  • Use Spring MVC to create a working web application
  • Question 1

    You need to add a new page to a web application using Spring MVC. Which components are you required to write? 

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • DispatcherServlet

    • View templates

    • Template engine

    • Handler methods

    • Handler mappings

  • Question 2

    This Thymeleaf snippet will be evaluated when  city=Paris  is passed in as part of the model:

    <div th:text=”${city}”>Welcome to</div>

    What will the outcome be? 

    • <div>Welcome to</div>

    • <div>Welcome to Paris</div>

    • <div>Paris</div>

    • <div></div>

  • Question 3

    You want to create a handler method that should handle incoming HTTP GET requests to  /register  path. Which annotation would you put before the handler method?

    • @PostMapping(“/register”)


    • @PostMapping(“http://localhost:8080/register”)

    • @GetMapping(“/register”)

    • @GetMapping(“http://localhost:8080/register”)

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