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Last updated on 6/1/23

Understand Digital Inclusion

Evaluated skills

  • Understand digital inclusion
  • Question 1

    Sip and puff devices...

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • ...are used as an alternative way to operate a computer.

    • ...are used to steer mobility devices.


    • ...cannot be used if a person has a severe mobility disability. 


    • ...are a form of alternative output technology.

    • ...are a type of switch technology.

  • Question 2

    You can create a 100% accessible website as long as you diligently follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

    • True

    • False

  • Question 3

    Perceivable content refers to content that: 

    • Can be perceived through one of the five senses. 

    • Doesn’t rely on one specific mode of presentation.


    • Is accessible to a screen reader. 

    • Can be seen on a page.

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