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Learning Team

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As you can imagine, the Learning team plays an important role here at OpenClassrooms. It's also the only team you don't often see in a startup because it's specific to what we do.

What does the Learning team look like? How is it organized, and how does it get the job done? Let's find out!


The Learning team's mission is to provide the best education experience possible. They have several objectives:

  • Plan education strategy: consider which topics we will cover in the next 18 months, determine which jobs are in high-demand, decide whether to file a new certification request for a degree, or partner with a specific brand.

  • Craft content: designing, planning, and creating text and course videos, as well as exercises, projects, and assessments. We recruit and train experts to create content. 

  • Ensure continuous maintenance: courses and learning paths are kept up-to-date, which is challenging as technology evolves quickly. Luckily, our users often contact us when they come across a mistake.

  • Drive learning experience improvements by applying educational theories and staying up-to-date with pedagogical innovations.


The Learning team consists of specific subteams:

  • Learning designers use their knowledge of educational theory to create our learning paths, including courses and projects. They help subject matter experts (our external experts) present material in a compelling, well-researched way to optimize student learning!

  • The Multimedia Learning team consists of specialists who produce instructional videos, audio tracks, static or animated visuals, and any other type of multimedia content to create great courses. They work on each course, from pre-production to post-production. Over time, they have developed some instructional design skills, allowing them to make important educational decisions while creating multimedia content.

  • The Learning Products team ensures that we produce and maintain courses most needed in today's job market while achieving the business's best outcomes. In other words, Learning Products is the voice of the customers within the Learning team. It acts across the entire content value chain from portfolio management & road mapping to content production to revenue enablement.

Our Studio where our video team shoots our courses
Our Studio where our video team shoots our courses.
  • The Accreditation, Partnerships, and QA team helps OpenClassrooms achieve official international recognition of our status as a higher education institution and our educational programs’ quality and standards. They work with external regulators, accrediting bodies, and international departments of state to understand the requirements we must meet to gain recognition and have the authority to offer formal qualifications. They also work collaboratively with the other OpenClassrooms teams to ensure that our paths, products, processes, and the learning experience we offer continue to meet regulatory requirements. They have a global view of our strategy and work on short- and long-term projects to help our business grow and are able to offer additional types of accreditations and certifications in the future. They make sure we have the freedom to operate as an educational institution and can deliver authentic diplomas to our students.

Meetings and Habits

The Learning team has fewer (but important) meetings. Here are some examples:

  • Track meetings (once a month): This meeting helps people keep up with what everyone else is doing. Everyone shares the projects they’re working on, their current deadlines, and anything new. The team can rearrange who does what during this meeting.

  • Retros (1 hour every two weeks): This is a retrospective meeting where the Learning team talks about how they work and not what they’re working on. They freely express the factors that enabled them to do a great job, what didn’t help, and what problems they expect to encounter in the future. Then the team decides what they’re going to do for the next two weeks to improve their professional experience.

  • Final review (1 hour every Friday): The team meets to review new content before publication. Once approved, the new courses and paths can be published on the platform.

There are also more spontaneous meetings whenever the team needs to talk. 😛They can happen at any time - in the open space or one of the smaller rooms if they need somewhere quieter.


The Learning team hosts all its documentation on Notion, our OpenClassrooms wiki. Here’s an overview of the Learning section summary:

This summary links to all useful information for the Education Team
Links to useful Learning team information

You should find anything you need:

  • Planning

  • Strategy

  • Templates (to create a new path, for instance)

  • Guides (how to shoot a video, build exercises)

  • How to onboard new people

Collaboration With Other Teams

The Learning team collaborates with every department, from Product and Revenue to Student Success and Mentorship.

The Learning Products team works closely with the Revenue team to ensure we create training programs that match employers’ needs. The Instructional Design team collaborates mainly with Student Success and Mentorship to guarantee the best end-to-end educational experience for all our students.

Exemple de certificat de réussite
Exemple de certificat de réussite