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Mis à jour le 30/01/2023

Remote or office

We're approaching the end of this course about OpenClassrooms. The last chapters are practical.

Let's start with the obvious: our work arrangements!

Remote first 

We are a remote-first company. This means that for us, remote working is the norm. You can work remotely from any country we have an office in.

Therefore, in 2020, we decided to facilitate access to remote work and deployed a "Remote-first" policy. According to this new standard, remote work became a new norm, and office presence became an exception.

What about the Office?

However, we do not want to switch to an “No Office” mode as we can see the importance of having a space for collaboration and spending time together.

We are revolutionising the office space to make it a place for collaboration. Therefore, if possible, we will use the office for any occassion for face to face meetings, team building activities and socialisation. This means that remote working is encouraged for the "deep work" type of time where you need to focus. Additionally, we encourage remote working for those days where you have many video calls or are in need of a confidential space.

Working Hours

Questions related to working hours are on almost everyone's lips! The answer is: it depends on you and how you structure your time.

On your first day, you’ll receive a badge giving you access to the office/ co-working space at any time.

That said, there’s an important message here: We’re fully aware that we work in a knowledge economy. Working more hours doesn’t always mean doing more work. 

Yes, we’re hard-working, because that’s how we build a great product. But you’ll never hear us boast about how many hours we’ve worked.

A general rule of thumb: If you feel exhausted earlier than usual, don’t wait, leave! It’s OK; you’ll work less that day. Just listen to how you feel.

If you’re hanging around on Facebook while looking at the clock, you’re doing it wrong. We value the work you produce, not the time you spend on your chair.

Dress Code

You may be wondering if there’s a dress code at OpenClassrooms. There isn’t.

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