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Mis à jour le 17/05/2024

Enrollment Team

Before students become students, they hesitate:

  • What kind of job do I want to learn?

  • Is this OpenClassrooms thing any good at all?

  • How can I pay for the training? Is there any finance option?

  • Which papers should I sign to get my training started?

Enters... the Enrollment Team!


The Enrollment Team's mission it to help students understand how OpenClassrooms works, to advise them and guide them up to becoming students.

Their job starts when they consider OpenClassrooms as a potential training center, and stops when they actually start their traning.


There are many roles as this is a pretty large team. Here are the main ones to know about:

  • Orientation: helping prospects and candidates understand which training is right for them

  • Contractualization: making sure the contract is signed, usually when the student is being financed by a third party (eg. apprenticeships, social program...)

  • Sales: they are in contact with employers who'd like to hire our apprentices

  • Public programs: they look for potential financed programs, either by the State or the regions, to be offered to our students

This is just an overview of the main roles within the enrollment team. You'll find other specific roles to help with efficiency, outsourcing, etc.

Collaboration with other teams

This team works with a lot of other teams. PxT, for instance, works with them to improve and alleviate their workflow.

When the enrollment team's work is done, they hand the student over to the Customer Success team to ensure the training is delivered efficiently.

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Exemple de certificat de réussite