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People Team


The People (HR) Team’s mission is to “Let it Grow” which, in the context of OpenClassrooms, means creating a performing environment and conditions for all team members to be successful in their roles and future career development plans. We aim to ensure that every team member can contribute to our mission of making education accessible.

The People Team reinforces and incorporates our principles and behaviors into every single process or policy (remember Care, Dare, Persist, Tell it as it is?). All this is achieved by ensuring diversity, inclusiveness and a lot of transparency in our ways of thinking, experiences and personalities.


Here are the different roles you’ll find in the People Team.

Talent Acquisition: This team handles everything related to recruitment and mobility. Working with hiring managers to clarify needs, and then manage the whole recruitment process from candidate sourcing to the point of offer. If you enter the recruitment process as a candidate, you’ll no doubt have an interview with someone from the Talent Acquisition team! At OpenClassrooms, your ability to deliver is key, but we also want to hire people whose mindset and behaviors match our principles. It’s up to the Talent Acquisition team to ensure that our recruitment process allows us to get the right people in the right jobs, and that our candidates receive fair treatment.

People Success Partners: The People Success team ensures that every OpenClassrooms team member has a good experience in their journey with us, whilst closely supporting and collaborating with leaders at all levels to address strategic team needs.

Every team member at OpenClassrooms has a dedicated People Success Partner! Usually, your first contact when you join OpenClassrooms, they strive to create a unique onboarding experience. Once you're fully onboarded, the People Success Partner becomes your main point of contact for any topics related to your goals, wellbeing, performance and development.

Talent Development: The People Success Partner works closely with the Talent Development team to ensure we create a lifelong learning experience described by continuous feedback, access to individual and collective training, development and career opportunities. 

People Operations: This team ensures that from an operational perspective everything goes as smoothly as possible: from employment contracts to payroll. Data is crucial in the world of Human Resources, therefore, this team relentlessly evaluates and checks that our data is accurate at all times.

And there's more! Besides all of the above, the People Operations team ensures that all our team members across France, the US and the UK, have access to a set of competitive benefits including unlimited holidays, the ability to work remotely, free gym access, free healthcare, or in some cases, even meal vouchers!

People Experience: The team ensuring our colleagues are fully equipped at all times to either work remotely or from one of our offices.

Additionally, this team ensures that nothing impacts office efficiency! From free fresh fruit, nuts, and drinks to workspace and commuting management. Always on the lookout for innovative solutions and smart investments to serve daily activities and priorities.

Comité Social et Économique/Work Council: Since July 2018, a CSE has been elected to represent OpenClassrooms team members. As the company grows, it's helpful to have a forum where employees can collectively address any topics regarding safety and security or organizational changes.

Meetings or Habits

Whilst continuously sharing asynchronous updates with each other, the People Team also holds a monthly meeting to discuss ongoing topics. Depending on the time of the year, the People Team also aims to meet once every few months for an offsite day to discuss team goals and review priorities.

Collaboration With Other Teams

Like other support teams, this team collaborates with all departments and with every single employee!

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