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What We Do

Compétences évaluées

  • Understand the business plan of OpenClassrooms
  • Question 1

    We think that the traditional education systems makes the wrong assumption that:

    • Children all learn at the same pace.

    • Children who are the same age like to work together.

    • A teacher can help students to learn better.

  • Question 2

    Considering Maria Montessori's educational approach, you could say that OpenClassrooms is:

    • Based on it.

    • Opposed to it.

    • Inspired by it.

  • Question 3

    In which order do we build a path?

    • Look for a job in high demand => Identify skills => Create projects => Create courses

    • Look for a job in high demand => Identify skills => Create courses => Create projects

    •  Identify skills => Look for a job in high demand => Create courses => Create projects

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