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Marketing Team


Our Marketing team brings together professionals specialized in:

  • Marketing and communications

  • Media buying and optimization

  • Search engine optimization

  • CRM and partnerships

  • Copywriting

  • Social media management

The team uses internal and external resources to develop creative content and messaging for both students and corporate customers. They build content, tools, and processes to empower sales and customer success throughout the customer journey.

The Marketing team is strongly connected to Sales, with two additional teams within marketing that work directly with customers:

  • A team focused on business development, working with mid-cap and enterprise customers.

  • A team working directly with students to help them find the right program and access financing if required.

Marketing brings together their talent to develop the business into a scaled and customer-focused operation. The team focuses on channel expertise and solves customer and business challenges. They’re making huge strides, developing our creative and communications platform to clearly express compelling messages that support the value that OpenClassrooms can add to both businesses and individuals.

The team’s goals are to grow the number of students and companies achieving their learning and hiring goals with OpenClassrooms. They concentrate on customer acquisition, onboarding, and retention through lifecycle CRM, media, and social communications.

Meetings or Habits 

Each part of the team has its routines and habits; this typically involves weekly stand-ups to discuss the week's priorities and strategic initiatives.

As the Marketing team works across the whole business to support and drive customer communications, they’ve established a planning and briefing process to manage their workload and understand projects better. They work collaboratively with Sales to deliver materials and support. The team is highly engaged with the Product and Learning teams to develop our website and user journeys for B2B and B2C.

Marketing also collaborates with Customer Success and Mentoring teams on communications and customer journey support.


The Marketing team is broken down into three principal areas of focus:

  • B2C - Brand & growth marketing

  • B2B - Business marketing

  • Creative & PR - Communications team 

B2C - Brand & growth marketing

Those people work to support Student Marketing. Let’s find out their different roles!

  • Brand & Growth Marketing: The team is in charge of brand, media, student acquisition, and lead generation. This typically includes setting up marketing campaigns to source new candidates for our different programs and increase brand awareness.

  • Marketing Partnerships: This team’s mission is to drive awareness of the OpenClassrooms brand, attract new students, and increase our footprint in the training and education arena through high-quality partnerships. The Marketing Partnerships team typically works with local NGOs, institutions, and corporations, building strong relationships to make education more accessible.

  • Performance marketing: CRM specialists know each of our stakeholders’ user journeys by heart. These specialists are dedicated to building and delivering compelling marketing communications that inspire, engage, and contribute to the OpenClassrooms’ community’s growth.

The team is currently growing, so more roles will appear in the future. Check back here for updates!

B2B - Business marketing

The team’s mission is to build and implement B2B go-to-market strategies, communicate our product and learning content to the right targets, and grow our new and recurring bookings on each business line. They work on the whole customer journey, addressing product awareness and purchase, advocacy, and loyalty.

On the strategy side, the team talks to different people inside the customer’s organization, from the C-level to the team manager and the end-users, using the relevant strategies. Even if our programs can fit a large B2B audience, we tend to focus on strategic enterprise accounts and mid-cap in selected industries.

  • Growth Marketing: Growth marketers are in charge of generating demand, with both outbound and inbound strategies. The ultimate goal is to arrange meetings and opportunities with account executives (Employers team), improving the close rate, deal size, and sales cycle. It’s all about pipeline creation in the right segments.  

  • Business Development: Our business development representatives (aka BDRs) engage directly with prospects to understand their needs and book meetings with account executives. They know our value proposition by heart and know how it can solve customers’ problems. They nurture inbound leads or engage directly with identified contacts and promote valued content or events (webinars, workshops, etc.) that the Marketing team develops specifically for the account.   

  • Sales enablement and customer journey: The Marketing team supports the whole customer journey with the relevant content/collateral, tools, and process. They aim to answer the customers’ needs and requests and ultimately serve them better. The team usually supports customer-facing teams such as Field Sales and Customer Success.

Creative & PR - Communications team

The Communications (or Creative) team is responsible for developing OpenClassrooms external communications. This team manages the briefing and planning process and has internal copywriting and art direction resources for producing materials to support marketing, sales, and service.

Working collaboratively with the Engineering and Product teams, they ensure the brand is represented appropriately across all channels. As the business strategy changes, so does this team's work. As a result, they use external agencies and freelancers across a variety of projects to deliver clear advertising materials and content to support the lifecycle of a customer or a student.

PR works with the Marketing team to elevate and bring student and customer stories to life and highlight the impact that OpenClassrooms has on making education accessible.

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