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Finance, Data, and Legal Team

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This team is responsible for the financial, legal, and strategic parts of the company. They are critical in any company and OpenClassrooms is no different!


The different roles include:

  • Finance: Where are we in terms of cash and profitability? How are we doing with the budget? How can we improve our finance KPIs? The finance team makes sure that the company can provide auditable financials at any point in time, and also issues the relevant warnings when necessary. 💰

  • Data: The data and analytics team role is to provide the other teams with consistent data and strong analysis to help them reach their goals. They also provide access to information like how many students there are, where they come from, and how much money the company earns.

  • Legal: They drive legal innovation. Unlike other legal departments, ours is a fully digital team which partners with internal clients to ensure the company's compliance with laws, regulations, and customer contracts. They mainly support the revenue team in customer negotiations and drafting contracts. Moreover, they develop and help maintain company policies and procedures. If you have any questions about an intellectual property, education, GDPR, a corporate or commercial matter... ask them! 

Who's Leading?

Before joining OpenClassrooms as the chief financial officer, Martin worked in over 30 countries and lived in the UK, Nigeria, Germany, France, and Belgium. Originally from the UK, Martin brought his international expertise to help us build strong commercial support for business growth. His broad career spans early-stage startups to large corporations like Japanese Telco giant, NTT.

Meetings or Habits

Depending on the subteam, managers organize stand-ups, weekly meetings, or one-to-one communication.

Most of the time, they meet (once a quarter) offsite to reflect on strategy and latest improvements.

Collaboration With Other Teams

This team plays a key part in OpenClassrooms' transformation and international development ambitions.

They work closely with the sales team (employers, students, etc.). However, they also help teams with finance, data, and legal matters. They are a vital support team! 😃

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