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Finance, Data, and Legal Team

Finance, Data, and Legal Team


These teams are at the heart of every business and are critical for all the company's teams to achieve their missions. Without financial resources, management, and discipline, the company wouldn't exist! Finance, Data, and Legal make sure that OpenClassrooms is a well-run, professional, and flourishing enterprise.


The different roles include:

Accountants: Accountants record every transaction in the company according to generally accepted accounting standards and principles. This allows them to measure and report on OC's economic performance to company stakeholders. They produce monthly and annual financial statements (profit & loss, balance sheet, and cash flow), which they share with management, investors, lenders, national authorities, and even some customers and suppliers. These financial statements are continually monitored for accuracy and then audited annually by external auditors EY (Ernst & Young). They also manage company bank accounts and ensure all employees and suppliers get paid!

Financial Analysts: The FP&A team uses accounting and operational data and tools to analyze and explain what has happened, what is happening, and what they think will happen next. They run the annual budget process and report on ongoing performance compared to budget and rolling forecasts. Using management accounting dimensions, they analyze trends and advise on improving the company's financial performance.

Billing & Cash Administrators: The Billing & Cash team ensures that bills are sent and invoices are paid! They have to understand complex contracts and either translate them into custom OpenClassrooms invoices or ensure that all of the customer dictated formats/processes are completed timely and accurately - no easy feat when dealing with large corporations and different government administrations! They interact directly with customers and sometimes have to mediate queries/disagreements. They track payments/settlements, report on the status of invoices vs. payments, and chase overdue accounts.

Data Analysts: The Data team identifies and collects information from around the business - connecting all the systems and data sources using tools such as Dataiku and Tableau, among others. They also create informative reports that can power business decisions. They respond to all departments' requests to provide centralized, coherent, clean, and joined-up data referred to as a "single source of truth."

In-House Legal Counselors: OpenClassrooms’ in-house counselors ensure that the company can operate legally and is protected in its contractual business relations. They help all departments with legal-related matters and manage external legal counsel interactions for specialized or complex issues. They are always involved in the following matters: commercial agreements, customer contract negotiation, GDPR and privacy laws, labor laws and corporate laws, in particular.

Meetings or Habits

The teams work closely with each other daily. There are weekly team meetings and fairly frequent CFO department meetings (at least one per month). All of the teams work remotely.

Collaboration With Other Teams

This team plays a key part in OpenClassrooms' transformation and international development ambitions.

They are a vital support team and work closely with all departments! 😃

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